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 Regarding the course's supposed lack of maturity

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Regarding the course's supposed lack of maturity Empty
PostSubject: Regarding the course's supposed lack of maturity   Regarding the course's supposed lack of maturity EmptyMon Jul 08, 2013 2:29 am

A lot of people question the course's quality, as its only a year old. Here's a PM reply from a while ago to addressing such concerns:
Waterlemon wrote:

Yes, the iMTech course started only last year, but its the product of about 3 year of extensive planning. There's a report that was published about the institute a little while ago ( http://www.iiitb.ac.in/sites/default/files/uploads/Self_Study_Report-NAAC.pdf ). Its huge, but do a Ctrl+F search for iMTech, and you'll find a lot of useful information. I'd like to highlight one line in particular:
"Before the introduction of iMTech (Integrated MTech program) in 2012,
it was thoroughly discussed over a series of internal and external
committee members. Lasting several months, this review (Prabhu
Committee) took into account the global best practices from IEEE/ACM
Computing Curriculum, curricula in MIT and UC Berkeley, IIT Kanpur
and IIT Delhi. Consultations with our Alumni, Industry members
(Recruitment / HR team) from industry were also consulted, in addition
to several Adjunct Faculty members who are drawn from the

So you see, it isn't some random course the institute started in the hopes of making a quick buck. Its thoroughly researched, and the syllabus that they came up with is simply incredible. The only missing link here is the faculty, and I invite you to take a quick glance at the faculty list ( http://www.iiitb.ac.in/faculty ). Find me one member who isn't a PhD. from a top class university. They are basically researchers who teach. Their primary fields are research in really advanced areas, working on projects funded by the R & D departments of different corporations (HP, Cisco, SocGen to name a few) and governments (including Sweden, Germany and India, of course). Looking at all of this, their teaching jobs almost seem like public service! (but they're really really good in the classroom as well. For people of their stature, they are extremely approachable. I remember going to ask one particular high ranking prof a doubt in his office in the first year, and I left with my doubt answered, plus a bunch of sweets (Mysore Pak, specifically) that he insisted I take!).
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Regarding the course's supposed lack of maturity
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