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 Whats incredible about this college

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Whats incredible about this college Empty
PostSubject: Whats incredible about this college   Whats incredible about this college EmptyMon Jul 08, 2013 2:46 am

Surprise surprise! Another PM quote:
Waterlemon wrote:

Yes, taken a lot of leaves out of MIT's book, the most glaring influence (so far) being in the first semester Programming curriculum. To the best of my knowledge, no other college in the country has python in its syllabus, but following in MIT's footsteps, they've put it in the very first semester here. Also, to strengthen our concepts in C, instead of having the standard sample programs to learn by heart (that our country's education is notorious for) we have interesting assignments, like an end semester project in robot operation, or white noise filtering in audio files.
Innovation is given top priority here, over simply reproducing textbooks or matter taught in class. A testament to the implementation of this philosophy is the fact that we're allowed free access to the internet during our programming exams. Yes, free unrestricted internet access takes the 'open book' concept to a whole new level, doesn't it? Of course subjects like maths and electronics theory are conducted in the usual fashion, but a lot of subjects, like Algorithms, Programming and Electronics Lab give you free internet access.
Still, in my experience, there's absolutely no memorization required here (save sem1 Bio/Chem). I would know, having nearly failed History-Civics and Geography in school due to my hatred of simply mugging facts up!
Besides this, everything from the general credit-based structure of the course, to the way the tests are are conducted (in both, intention and implementation) is far more progressive and liberal (in a good way, to promote free thought over rote learning) than the standard Indian package.
Just one thing: you could submit an assignment a week late and draw a fair amount of flak (though they usually trust you not to, and you'll actually respect that by not doing so), but one crime that will not be tolerated under any circumstances is plagiarism. You could turn in a heap of stinking garbage as your submission for an assignment terribly late (don't actually do it, its just to give a sense of scale here), and you'll only be penalized marks wise, but if its unoriginal, all hell will break loose. If its proved that you've directly copied a submission off of the internet or someone else's work (not necessarily a classmate) without the appropriate citations, you could (and probably will) be expelled.

A side note: the professors here being quite senior, and the batch being small and controllable, allows for a sort of maturity to be credited to you that you aren't likely to get anywhere else. The professor will always hear you out and treat you as an equal when discussing a concept, admit flaws in his/her theory (if any, though there almost never are!) and allow for conversations that in any other college would be possible only as a colleague of said prof. Your intelligence and maturity is respected and credited in a way that I've never quite seen before. Being a small and exclusive community has its advantages, this is one of them!

Another point of difference, as an offshoot of the above, you aren't expected to maintain a notebook or lab record or anything (except sem1 Chem). Its assumed that you've absorbed enough from the lecture on your own, will look up / ask what you don't understand, and take your own notes if you want to.
Only the lab courses require weekly submissions of assignments, and aren't very rigid about trivialities. So long as you can demonstrate that you've got the concept, you'll get your marks. In fact, we used to upload our electronics lab reports every week in PDFs (using LaTeX, ignore if you haven't heard of it. Its basically a typesetting tool that's a prerequisite for any article published in the scientific community, so they're trying to get us used to it from the very beginning) but we found it difficult to cope with the workload, so we requested that they stop the practice. They actually listened and told us that it wasn't necessary anymore. How cool is that?
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Whats incredible about this college
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