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PostSubject: DISCLAIMER: Read before posting   DISCLAIMER: Read before posting EmptyMon Jul 15, 2013 1:30 am

As students of the institution, we have no more resources at our disposal than you do as an aspirant.

We have no extra links to the management / admissions office, and cannot access any data that isn't publicly available on the IIIT-B website ( iiitb.ac.in ).

So before asking us for information about this year's cutoffs, DD info, dates, etc. please remember that we don't have any special sources that you don't, and that our guess is as good as yours. At best, we can give you advice regarding such matters. If anything, your requests to the office for aforementioned information would be received and processed faster than ours, as the needs of the aspirants / potential students would be top priority during the admission season.

At best, we can offer our own experiences with the same. This forum was created for the purpose of disseminating information about life / experiences at the institute, for the benefit of aspirants who wanted to know more about the place; not for trivial details about the application process.

You are however, encouraged to post any doubts you may have related to said admission process details aimed at your fellow aspirants (for instance, there was a post here earlier asking if anyone else had problems with the fee status being updated; no problem with that).
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DISCLAIMER: Read before posting
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